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Kunin on Palin: Exciting, but the wrong woman for the wrong time

Former Vermont Gov. Madeleine Kunin has spent several decades championing women in politics.

And in a fascinating blog post over at Huffington Post she takes a deep look at Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin – Sen. John McCain’s presidential running mate – and reveals exactly why having her on the ticket should worry Democrats.

She says:

Even I, a former Hillary supporter and now an enthusiastic Obama supporter, occasionally feel a little thrill when I watch her, even though I disagree with almost everything she says and would never vote for her.

Now, Kunin is clearly a person that votes on the issues, hence she vows to vote for Sen. Barack Obama in November. But for a lot of people, a gut feeling about a candidate overrides some of the issues that they care about. And in a close election, those gut feelings can push a candidate over the top.

-Dan Barlow