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This doesn’t look good

From the Boston Globe:

WASHINGTON – Peter Galbraith, a former American diplomat who has been among the most forceful advocates for Iraqi Kurds to retain control over the oil in their region, acknowledged yesterday that he has had business dealings involving oil companies in Iraqi Kurdistan since 2004.

– Dan Barlow



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-Dan Barlow

Monster vs. Monster

In case you missed the news: A corporate drink giant wants small Vermont brewery to change the name of a popular beer it sells.

Here's the beer in question:

Vt beer 

Here's the energy drink:

Monster drink 

And here's a huge tub of ice cream, which also shares the same name as the beer:

Vermonster ice cream 

Who will win?

-Dan Barlow

Welch to hold more health care town hall meetings


U.S. Rep. Peter Welch – a strong public option guy for national health care reform – announced Thursday that he will hold two more town hall meetings on the issue later this month.

Here's what his e-mail to supporters said:

Following a summer of discussions with Vermonters about reforming the nation’s health care system, Rep. Welch held four regional Telephone Town Hall meetings last month about this and other issues. In total, the regional meetings with residents of the Northeast Kingdom and Franklin, Bennington and Rutland counties, drew more than a thousand participants.

This month, Rep. Welch will hold two statewide forums focused specifically on health care reform legislation. His “Congressional Forums on Health Care” in Williston and White River Junction will provide yet another opportunity for Vermonters to weigh in on this critical legislation.

The locations and times for these events are:

Saturday, October 10 – 10 a.m.
Williston Central School
195 Central School Drive, Williston

Saturday, October 17 – 3:30 p.m.
Hartford High School
73 Highland Avenue, White River Jct.

-Dan Barlow

You’re doing it wrong

If you have a moment, click over to the Vermont Democratic Party's Web site.

What's the top news item? That Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie is running for governor.

And then check out the Vermont Republican Party's Web site.

Not a single announcement that Dubie is a candidate.

-Dan Barlow