When Republican super PAC hits airwaves Monday, will Randy Brock get any love?

We brought you news last week of the first Republican super PAC to hit Vermont, and that fact that it’s going to spend at least $70,000 over the next couple weeks to push conservative viewpoints. Though we don’t know yet who’s funding “Vermonters First,” the point man for the outfit, Tayt Brooks, said the group will provide a foil to the “single-party” rule dominating Montpelier.

A day after our story broke, Paul Heintz of Seven Days had a great follow-up piece detailing the content of the group’s ads. One spot will tout Republican candidate for auditor Vince Illuzzi. Another is dedicated to the GOP’s candidate for treasurer, Wendy Wilton. You can watch video of the spots at “Off Message,” a new blog from Heintz and Seven Days political editor, Andy Bromage:  http://7d.blogs.com/offmessage/ 

Does that mean Vermonters First has snubbed the man at the top of the ticket? Perhaps not.

The Illuzzi/Wilton spots are what’s known in the TV business as “bookends” – 15-second spots at the beginning and end of a commercial break.

According to documents on file at WCAX, those spots constitute only a portion of the $53,000 buy by Vermonters First, which includes plenty of 30-second ads as well. An approximately $15,000 buy on WPTZ won’t start until Sept. 17.

We asked Brooks whether we could expect to Randy Brock’s face in those longer spots, but the former executive director of the Vermont Republican Party wouldn’t say. We’ll find out soon enough – the ads begin airing Monday morning.

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