Shumlin, single-payer enjoying some national attention

Team Shumlin must be thrilled with the lead on a recent profile of the first-term incumbent:

“Most governors are, at best, slogging their way through the world of health reform implementation.Vermont’s Gov. Peter Shumlin is hurtling through it.”

That’s the take from Politico reporter Joanne Kenen, who interviewed Shumlin for the piece during his recent trip to Charlotte, N.C., for the Democratic National Convention.

The story summarizes the brief history of Shumlin’s push toward single-payer, as well as some of the obstacles that stand in its path.

Kenen dutifully offers the countervailing view from Republican challenger Randy Brock.

“Down that path (to single-payer) lie higher taxes, reduced choice, price controls and rationing of services,” Brock says in his health policy plan. “That’s the path we are on now and the road ahead makes the future for our children less bright and less prosperous.”

Her next line aims to put the criticism in context:

“But Shumlin and the Democrats are all but certain to retain control in November.”

Check out the full story here:

One thought on “Shumlin, single-payer enjoying some national attention

  1. In reality, we have had “reduced choice, price controls and rationing of services,” since the Reagan Administration deregulated the medical insurance industry. It started in the early 1990s. I watched many patients sent home too early due to the insurance companies controlling how long they could stay in the hospital. Patients also lost choice of medical providers, choice of services, etc because the insurance companies insisted they ‘knew what was best.’ Sure, what was best for the insurance companies profits, CEOs and shareholders – not for the patients. Those actions are why a clear majority of citizens in our country now support a single payer system, similar to Medicare, for all. Medicare recipients have more choices and options than people covered by private health insurance companies.

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