Local lawyer and candidate bring up electronic voting issues

MONTPELIER — A retired lawyer from Plainfield and a Norwich University faculty member who is a Washington County State Senate candidate expressed their concerns Friday and Saturday, in emails to Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos, over the possibility of electronic voting problems on Election Day.

Alexandra Thayer, the Plainfield lawyer, and Norwich technology professor Jeremy Hansen both sent emails to the Secretary of State’s office, offering recommendations to ensure that checks and balances are in place for any issues with optical scanner memory cards and Accu-Vote tabulators.

Condos said he thought most of the recommendations were already being implemented by the state. He also said the concerns were brought to his attention with fewer than two business days remaining before the election, and he questioned why the issue wasn’t addressed sooner.

“This is not rocket science in terms of how you want to run things,” said Thayer. “If it were your own business and you had branches all over the state … you would want to know if different branches were having some kind of problem. You would want to know in real-time. You wouldn’t want them just calling the vendor.”

Recommendations ranged from real-time reporting improvements to follow-up checks.

Condos said the electronic voting company has a representative in the Secretary of State’s offices on Election Day who can reach any LHS staffer if there’s a problem. LHS Associates will have staff members on duty throughout the state on Tuesday.

Hansen previously discussed the issue during a recent interview with Jim Hogue on the community radio station WGDR/WGDH. Hansen said he spoke in general about the risks of large-scale fraud with electronic voting if appropriate precautions aren’t in place.

Read the full story in Monday’s Vermont Press Bureau column.

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