Welch thanks Democrats, says he’ll try to bring Vermont way to D.C.

In the first victory speech of the night here at Democratic headquarters in Burlington, U.S. Rep. Peter Welch said Washington, D.C., should take its lead from Montpelier.

People here understand that the challenges we face are not ideological problems to be battled about, they are practical problems to be solved,” Welch said on an elevated stage here in a conference room at the Hilton Hotel. “A strong country doesn’t argue about its problems, it solves its problems.”

Welch today defeated Republican challenger Mark Donka, who was outgunned when it came to money, manpower, name recognition and just about every other asset one needs to unseat a federal incumbent. In a five-minute speech, Welch didn’t mention his opponent’s name.

Vermont has led the way and my job is to take the way you do it – practical problem solving, listen to people you disagree with, finding common ground to solve our problems and build a strong American middle class that has always been the hallmark and strength of this country,” Welch said.

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