Hoffer announces five auditing projects

Recently elected State Auditor Doug Hoffer announced this morning his office has begun five performance audits of state government functions.

The Auditor’s office will review

  1. The Department of Corrections’ “Correct Care Solutions” contract (a three-year contract worth $53 million);
  2. Two Agency of Transportation contracts that have yet to be determined but will be identified in the planning phase;
  3. The Agency of Administration’s Workers’ Compensation and Injury Prevention Program (which paid $7.3 million in claims in fiscal year 2012, according to the Auditor), to see whether the program has focused on prevention of causes of claims and identify trends in claims;
  4. State-issued cell phones to see whether the phones are under-used and / or costs can be reduced;
  5. Finally, the office will take a look at the state’s “last mile” telecom project, which is intended to bring high-speed internet to every home and business in Vermont through subsidies for the low-yield ‘last mile’ areas, and the state’s investment in health information technology.


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