Republican reaction to Gov. Shumlin’s inaugural address (not exactly positive)

From House Minority Leader Don Turner, R-Milton:

“I’m very disappointed. We heard words from the governor but we’ve heard words in the past. I don’t know that we’re going to get any more action than we have in the past. The governor’s made promises that he hasn’t delivered and I hope that this is not another example of that. Economic development is something we’re on board with but we can’t just focus on energy. We have to focus on something broader for all small businesses. Energy is good, but he neglected to say we have some of the highest power rates in this region when he mentioned we are lowering rates.”

From Senate Minority leader Joe Benning, R-Caledonia:

“I was disappointed because on the campaign trail I heard nothing but, ‘We need jobs. We need the budget corrected. We have a serious fiscal problem in this state that needs to be addressed.’ All I heard today was, ‘I want more. I want more. I don’t know how Vermonters can hear that speech and not have some kind of reaction, after the election we just went through.”

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