Trailing Bernie: Sanders says Trump’s ‘crap’ won’t cut it


Donald Trump and his plan to ban Muslims from traveling to the U.S. are not high on the list of things Sen. Bernie Sanders likes.

“That kind of crap won’t work in the United States of America,” Sanders told The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon Tuesday.

Sanders, the 74-year-old democratic socialist seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, has not been shy about his disdain for Trump’s style. He has denounced several of Trump’s positions and comments.

In recent days, Trump has increased ramped up his anti-Muslim rhetoric in response to Syrian refugees seeking safe haven in the U.S., and the deadly shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., allegedly carried out by a husband and wife team that had become radicalized supporters of ISIS.

Speaking on The Tonight Show, Sanders noted that Trump began his campaign by speaking ill of Mexican immigrants.

“What somebody like a Trump is trying to do is to divide us up. A few months ago, we’re supposed to hate Mexicans, and he thinks they’re all criminals or rapists,” Sanders said. “Now we’re supposed to hate Muslims.”

Sanders said he must first defeat Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the primary before taking on The Donald in a general election matchup.

“I look forward to beating Donald Trump. I would enjoy that race very, very much,” he said.


Is Google in the tank for Bernie and other Democrats? Not really, according to the Washington Post’s Christopher Ingraham.

He wrote about the results from a trio of researchers that reviewed the top 10 search results for each of 16 Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. A crowdsourced team of reviewers then rate whether each of the search results painted the candidate in a positive, negative or neutral light.

Links to candidates’ social media accounts were considered positive, while critical news stories were considered negative. Democrats fared better than Republicans on the first page of search results.

On average, Democrats had seven positive results in the top 10 compared to 5.9 for Republicans.

That doesn’t mean Google favors Democrats, or even Bernie Sanders, who had nine positive results in the top 10. The algorithms utilized by Google are “an organic, emergent result constituted from a complex prism of quantification involving hundreds of signals and increasingly complex and opaque artificial intelligence.” Huh?

Basically, sites with the most traffic and linked to the most will rank higher in the search results, Ingraham wrote. Sanders’ social media accounts are very active and get lots of shares and likes, making them rise to the top of his search results, netting him more positive results.

Sanders, it turns out, is a big outlier in the positive returns. And, Ingraham noted, Internet search results have shown to be a large factor in how consumers make their choices.

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