Scott launches first TV ad in gubernatorial primary

MONTPELIER — Republican Lt. Gov. Phil Scott has released his first television ad, calling out primary rival Bruce Lisman for “misleading” attacks.

The 30-second Scott ad is the first in a series that will run through the Aug. 9 primary, according to the campaign.

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott

“What might pass for business as usual on Wall Street has never been in line with Vermont values,” Scott says at the outside. “While my opponent’s misleading ads are disappointing, Vermonters know the truth.”

Scott also highlights his small business, a construction firm, in the ad.

“I’m the candidate who knows what it’s like to live paycheck-to-paycheck while raising a family and working hard to grow a business and create jobs — right here in Vermont,” Scott says.

He promises to run his campaign and govern the “Vermont way.”

Two mass media reports filed with the Secretary of State’s office on July 15 show payments to Optimus Consulting, LLC in Washington, D.C., for media “consulting” and “tv” totaling $62,333.

Lisman has been running television ads for several months, many of them seeking to tie Scott to Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin, who is not seeking re-election.

Watch the ad below:

One thought on “Scott launches first TV ad in gubernatorial primary

  1. Thank goodness! Finally a candidate that we can trust! I don’t need him to be perfect, I just want to know that he’s truthful with his words, honest with his intentions, and is careful with our tax dollars.

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