Zuckerman releases 2015 tax return, other Dems to follow

MONTPELIER — Sen. David Zuckerman, a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, released his 2015 tax return Tuesday, showing he and his wife earned $63,977 in adjusted gross income.

Sen. David Zuckerman

Sen. David Zuckerman

Zuckerman, who is engaged in a three-way primary for the state’s second-highest office, filed a joint 2015 return with his wife, Rachel Nevitt. Their returned showed an adjusted gross income of $63,977, including $33,429 in wages, $24,676 in income from their farm in Hinesburg, $7,055 in investment income and $125 in speaking fees.

The couple paid $2,213 in federal income tax on their taxable income of $28,079. Their tax rate was 10.8 percent of taxable income.

“All the Democratic candidates for Governor released their returns and I believe it is also important in this race as we are only a heartbeat away from the Governor’s office,” Zuckerman said in a statement. “This information gives the voters a very concrete view of my economic reality and shows my family faces the same economic challenges as many.”

House Speaker Shap Smith, one of Zuckerman’s primary opponents, said he, too, will release his tax returns later this week.

“I don’t have any problem releasing my tax returns,” Smith said Tuesday. “I don’t know when I’m going to be home next. That’s the problem.”

Burlington Rep. Kesha Ram said she also plans to release tax information soon.

Read Zuckerman’s 2015 federal tax return below:

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