Brock launches negative radio ads

MONTPELIER — Randy Brock, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, is going on the offensive against Democratic and Progressive nominee David Zuckerman in two new, negative radio ads he released Monday.

Randy Brock

Randy Brock

Brock released two 60-second ads that Brock’s campaign says draws “sharp and important contrast between his record in public service and that of his opponent on the issues of judgment, character and integrity.”

In one ad, Brock recounts how Zuckerman collected mileage reimbursement as a lawmaker when he did not drive to the State House himself, among other accusations.

“He’s billed the taxpayers for mileage he never drove. He’s introduced legislation for personal financial gain. He’s a strong supporter of laws that will expose our school children to dangerous diseases by discouraging vaccination. He’s equated the fight for marijuana legalization to the fight against racism,” Brock says in the ad.

Listen to Randy Brock’s radio ad below

Brock, a former state auditor and the GOP’s 2012 nominee for governor, says in the ad that the position the two men are seeking is “a heartbeat away from being governor” and “is too important to elect someone you can’t trust.”

In a second ad, Brock recites an open letter he wrote to Zuckerman accusing the Chittenden County state senator of equating the effort to legalize marijuana to the civil rights struggle and comparing the discrimination faced by minorities to what men with long hair face.

Listen to Randy Brock’s radio ad below

“Like too many, I have felt personally the sharp of racism and segregation in a way that you will never know,” Brock, who is African American, says in the ad.

Sen. David Zuckerman

Sen. David Zuckerman

Zuckerman said Monday that Brock has taken the race in a negative direction.

“We sort of expected it to sort of turn negative at some point. He’s getting desperate,” he said.

Zuckerman said he followed the protocols that were in place for mileage reimbursement and the original 2010 Seven Days story highlighting Zuckerman’s reimbursements “happened because I brought the strangeness of our system to the media at the time.”

“They’ve been trying to get this to stick for months. I followed the same protocol as … nearly every other legislator,” he said.

Zuckerman also denied Brock’s charge that he is minimizing issues faced by minorities.

“These are select, individual words out of paragraphs to paint the narrative that he’s drawn,” he said. “I think the issues facing the communities of color are very serious. I think it’s important to discuss them and bring a voice to those issues.”

Zuckerman said he does not plan to respond in kind with “political banter.”

“We have a game plan for the last month. We’ve very effectively worked on getting our message out across the state,” he said.

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