Douglas vouches for Scott in new RGA ad

MONTPELIER — Former Republican Gov. Jim Douglas is vouching for Republican gubernatorial nominee Phil Scott in a new ad released Wednesday by the Republican Governors Association.

Former Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas

Former Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas

The 30-second ad features Douglas discussing his “good friend” Scott, the state’s incumbent lieutenant governor.

“Ever since he came to the State Senate, Phil has been able to reach across the aisle,” the former governor says in the ad. “He’s not one of these ivory tower politicians who doesn’t relate well to the people he serves.”

Douglas, who served four terms as Vermont’s top officeholder, has been absent from the campaign trail. But in the RGA’s ad, which it is funding through its Vermont-based PAC, A Stronger Vermont, he labels Scott “somebody the people can trust.”

“Phil is the epitome of a small business owner in Vermont – someone who has seen the economy rise and fall, but has been able to persevere,” he says. “I’m Jim Douglas: I’m voting for my friend Phil Scott, and I hope you will too.”

Douglas was a popular governor and largely seen as a moderate Republican who attracted support from independents and some Democrats. Douglas’ support could help Scott shore up support from those demographic groups in his campaign against Democratic nominee Sue Minter.

The RGA is continuing the spending blitz on behalf of Scott that it launched the day after the August primary. The group has so far spent $367,521 in October, and more than $1.2 million before October since Scott secured the nomination.

The Democratic Governors Association, meanwhile, has take a more conservative approach in its efforts to boost Minter’s campaign. In October, the DGA has so far spent $131,424 and about $400,000 before this month, according to mass media report filings with the Secretary of State’s Office.

Watch the RGA’s ad below:

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