As Syria vote nears, Welch asks for input from constituents

Vermont Congressman Peter WelchStill undecided on the issue of whether or not to approve military strikes in Syria, Rep. Peter Welch is asking constituents to aid later this evening in his deliberations.

Welch tonight will hold a “telephone town hall” in which Vermonters can register their opinions on the President’s plan to launch air strikes in response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

“Should we, as the President proposes, strike the Assad regime to deter a reoccurrence of the abomination of raining poison gas on innocent people — and in doing so risk the real potential of being pulled into another Middle East war?” Welch said in a Facebook post announcing the event. “Or should we not attack to avoid that risk when inaction may well be seen by Assad and others as a green light for the use of chemical weapons?”

Welch said “both paths will likely have negative and unintended consequences.”

Welch has said his decision will be influenced significantly by information he’ll receive in a classified briefing, a briefing his staff said the Democratic congressman will be receiving later this afternoon.

To participate in the telephone town hall, call toll-free (877) 229-8493 at 7:30 p.m., and enter the PIN: 13785

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