“Badge of honor.”

Sen. Patrick Leahy's staff has responded to Vice President Dick Cheney's admission this weekend that he did, in fact, tell the Vermont politician to "bleep off" during a debate on the Senate floor several years ago.

Here's what Leahy spokesperson David Carle had to say:

"It instantly became a badge of honor for Leahy supporters, and you get the sense that the Vice President and the Bush Administration wince harder every time the incident has come up since then, which adds up to a lot of wincing."

Carle notes that by a strange coincidence, one of the trivia questions this morning during Leahy's stop at Ben & Jerry's (they honored him for becoming Vermont's longest serving senator) was this one:

Question 2: In the movie Batman the Dark Knight, which villain does Senator Leahy's character fend off?
a.) The Riddler
b.) The Joker
c.) Dick Cheney

Not to be picky, but shouldn't the question by "which villain does Sen. Leahy try to fend off? If push came to shove, my sense is that the Joker would have wiped the floor with our senator.

-Dan Barlow

One Response to “Badge of honor.”

  1. Great catch .
    Lets keep Ben and Jerry’s trivia accurate.Bigtime .