Batty day at the Statehouse

I’m tied to my desk at the office for part of today, but Vermont Press Bureau Chief Louis Porter checked in a few minutes ago with word that a bat was loose in the Statehouse this morning.

Here’s what Louis has to say:

One of the most interviewed people – well mammals – in the Statehouse Thursday was a bat that got lost and ended up in hiding out in a corner of the lobby outside the House chamber.

You might think the television and radio reporters clustered in an impromptu news conference around the bat were wasting their time given the high frequency of bat utterances. But in fact the bat turned out to be a great interview subject as maintenance workers caught it and released it. Its frantic squeaking expressed its reluctance to leave the Statehouse – or maybe its opinion on the soon to be given State of the State address, it wasn’t entirely clear.

-Dan Barlow

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