Bertrand leaves GOP post, party coffers sapped

Mike Bertrand ended his short stint as executive director of the Vermont Republican Party last week, departing the post to dedicate more time to his private consulting business.

Bertrand succeeded Pat McDonald last November, but said growing demands on his time meant he “couldn’t in good faith” stay on as the party’s executive chief.

“I’d kind of bitten off more than I could chew,” Bertrand said. “But I absolutely plan to stay involved in the party. In fact I was at the (GOP’sMontpelier) office for a couple hours (Thursday).”

Bertrand hadn’t been paid since the beginning of the year, according to GOP Chairman Jack Lindley. An ebb in fundraising, Lindley said, has temporarily sapped the party’s accounts. Lindley said he intends to deliver Bertrand his back pay, though Bertrand said it really isn’t a big deal.

“Trust me,” Bertrand said. “It isn’t a lot of money and I’m not worried about it.”

Lindley said he’ll stand in as the party’s chief communications officer until the organization brings on a new executive. Lindley said he’s trying to raise enough money to fund the party through the 2012 election cycle.

“Obviously there’s a lot going on this summer, and we’ve got to figure out our configuration in terms of field personnel,” Lindley said. “We’re in a cycle right now where we’re in a little bit of a lull, fundraising-wise, but I’m working on that right now.”

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