Blago: Impeach the Vermont governor

In his rambling epic speech to try and save his job yesterday, (now former) Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich suggested the while they are at it, lawmakers should also impeach several other governors and elected officials across the country.

He included Gov. James Douglas of Vermont on that list.

The connection – I think – is that one of the impeachment articles against Blago is that he tried to import cheaper Canadian drugs into this country without the approval of the FDA. Vermont has a similar program – one that has been championed by politicians from all sides of the aisle.

So, Blago essentially said – "If you want to hang me for that, you should hang them too."

Here's the portion where he mentions Vermont:

"Senator Cullerton's congressman, my congressman came to me with a good idea and said why don't you lead the charge and lead the fight on this and be the first state to go to Canada and test whether or not the FDA will allow you to do it or not" Think about the morality of this, think about how it can help our seniors, and think about what we can do to help families.

And I loved the idea and we did it. And then so did Wisconsin, and so did Kansas, and so did Vermont.

If you're impeaching me on providing safe and affordable prescription drugs by going to Canada and getting the same medicines made by the exact same companies, then the governor of Wisconsin ought to be impeached, the governor of Kansas ought to be impeached, the governor of Vermont ought to be impeached. And while we're at it, let's go reach right into the United States Senate and let's expel John McCain and Ted Kennedy, because I worked with them on this issue of the re-importation of prescription drugs."

A snarky comment should probably go here, but I can't think of one right now.

-Dan Barlow

One Response to Blago: Impeach the Vermont governor

  1. Don’t worry, some trustafarian in Brattleboro or Putney will undoubtedly fire up an impeach Douglas movement. What else do they have to do with themselves?
    Paging Dan DeWalt… Dan DeWalt – Rebel without a cause – please call Montpelier.