Brian Dubie leads the pack


A new poll on Vermont politics from Rasmussen is out and the findings are not good for the five Democrats running for the top job.

Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie beats them all.

Here's the match-ups:

Dubie vs Secretary of State Deb Markowitz: 46% to 39%

Dubie vs. Sen. Doug Racine: 48% to 35%

Dubie vs. Senate President Peter Shumlin: 51% to 33%

Dubie vs. Former Sen. Matt Dunne: 51% to 29%

Dubie vs. Sen. Susan Bartlett: 52% to 26%

It seems Dubie has a benchmark of around 46 percent support – creating quite a wall for Democrats to climb if they want to win this race. And those numbers are just awful for Shumlin, Dunne and Bartlett. Markowitz, the only one within single digits to Dubie, seems to have the best chance right now.

But this seems to be Dubie's race to lose.

– Dan Barlow

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  1. Wow, that really makes my morning … worse.