Brock goes for the jugular in new ad you’ve gotta see to believe

In a new television ad reminiscent of something Vermonters might have seen during the Shumlin/Dubie smack-down of 2010, Randy Brock has broken out the knives with a 30-second spot set to hit network airwaves this morning.

It’s a compilation of Brock’s best political hits from the summer and fall, and touches on everything from Gov. Peter Shumlin’s East Montpelier land deal to the four months he spent out of state during his first 21 months in office.

Keep out a close eye for the infamous Facebook photo of Shumlin with campaign manager Alex Mac Lean and DGA staffer Liz Smith at the 2011 Preakness.

Yeah, Brock went there.

The final touch: a nasty edit job that tries to make Shumlin look like he’s mounting some kind of cover-up over government settlements with state workers.

You’ve got to see it to believe it. Head over to If the spot doesn’t show up on the splash page, then click through to the main site and look for it on the right-hand column, underneath the maroon “Volunteer for Brock” square.

According to a mass media filing, Brock will spend $25,000 to air the ad, however the campaign will use the spot to mount a late-race fundraiser aimed at getting it in front of more eyeballs.


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  1. Hirschfeld is hardly an unbiased reporter.  In fact he is nothing but a political hack for the Socialist that control our State.  He never does any investigative reporting on his Democrat friends because he knows the are “many hot targets” available.  Scumbag!  Do your job.