Brock, Scott condemn Akin remarks

Like their GOP colleagues everywhere else, Vermont’s highest-profile Republicans sought to distance themselves Tuesday from the now infamous comments of Missouri Congressman Todd Akin.

In a press release fired off to news outlets this afternoon, Republican candidate for governor Randy Brock condemned the remarks as “ignorant, offensive and insensitive.”

“They are insulting to all of us, but particularly to women, victims of rape and their loved ones,” Brock said of comments by the Missouri Senate candidate. “His hurtful comments have no place in civil political discourse today. Mr. Akin should put aside his personal political ambitions and step aside.”

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott used his  Facebook page to sound off.

“Much as I hate to draw even more attention to it, I do feel compelled to say, in response to Todd Akin’s ignorant remark: how can you even put ‘legitimate’ and ‘rape’ in the same sentence?” Scott posted.
Vermont Democrats aren’t wasting the controversy. In a press release sent out this morning, Vermont Democratic Party Chairman Jake Perkinson spotlighted a pro-life provision in the Republican platform up for approval this week at the party’s national convention in Tampa, Fla.  
The language –  “(an) unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life that cannot be infringed” – isn’t new, and has long been part of the GOP plank.
“After the continued anti-women rhetoric we’ve seen by the national GOP, I call on Vermont Republican delegates to disclose how they will vote on the ‘human life amendment’ and tell Vermonters whether or not they stand with women,” Perkinson said. “We can ask our Vermont Republicans to condemn willful, misogynistic ignorance instead of stand with the deplorable commentary made by their national figureheads.”
Both Brock – a delegate to the Tampa convention – and Scott long ago came out as pro-choice. Both support parental notification laws.

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