Bush vetos kid’s health insurance program

Breaking (but expected) news this morning as President Bush vetos the bill expanding sCHIP, the health insurance program for children.

Supporters in Congress – and this bill had strong bipartisan support – believe they might have a veto-proof majority backing this. We’ll see.

11:44 a.m. update: Vermont’s Congressional delegation responds to the veto.

Sen. Patrick Leahy:

“This veto starkly exposes the Bush Administration’s muddled priorities.  For President Bush to veto this children’s health bill for cost reasons would be laughable if it were not so appalling.  This is the same President who would commit the United States to borrow almost a trillion dollars to pay for a catastrophic war.  To him, anything goes if it’s spent in Iraq, but health insurance here at home for kids in families that are struggling is too much.  Insurance coverage for 10 million children costs what we spend in Iraq in just 41 days.”

Sen. Bernard Sanders:

“We are the only country in the industrialized world that does not provide health care for all people. The idea that Bush would veto this legislation to provide health care for children is beyond comprehension.  He has hundreds of billions of dollars for tax breaks for the rich and to pay for the war in Iraq, but apparently he can’t find the funding to provide health insurance for millions of children in families that need help.”

Rep. Peter Welch:

“President Bush has struck a new low today, demonstrating just how out of touch he is with the priorities working Vermonters.  Making sure kids can go see a doctor when they are sick is both inexpensive and the right thing to do.  While 7 million more Americans have joined the ranks of the uninsured since President Bush took office, he seems intent on driving that number higher.  I hope Republican members of Congress will finally stand up to this President on behalf of children and reject his inexcusable veto.”

-Dan Barlow

2 Responses to Bush vetos kid’s health insurance program

  1. Bush Vetoes SCHIP: Sweet!

    President Bush delivered on his promise to veto the SCHIP bill sent to him by Congress. This, despite the sanctimonious hokum that will soon be emanating from all manner of faux-progressive poseurs, is good news.
    As I have pointed out again and again, …

  2. This is pure 100% politics. Anything can get passed if they called it “the civil rights bill” or “the children’s bill.”
    If the republicans tried to sell anything the taxpayers that would give them the bill for giant heaps of money to “poor children” which were 25 years old with parents in the top tax bracket…how would THAT be spun in the media and by our elected?
    This bill was only a foot in the door for more government expansion, so a select few can garner favor with the incredibly rich people involved in the health care system and create an all new bracket of people under their control.
    I can’t believe the idiotic in this country would believe that a universal health care system would work. It worked in Russia, for a couple years, but look at them now. Imagine if you offered a universal food and cigarette system where the more you took the more you got, for FREE.
    Sure people need health care, but a person should personally shop and work for.
    Health care wouldn’t be so expensive if it wasn’t for border countries advertising that if they get hurt the first thing they should do is get into America and call 9-11 and it will be free. It’s insane and the democrats will NOT do anything about it because they play the race card so much.
    My best friend works for a company which operates several hospitals, and he said that the illegal aliens are bankrupting 4 of their 5 hospitals and the 5th, being in a white neighborhood was the only one keeping them afloat. Now imagine that across the entire country sending the government into EXTREME financial trouble.
    Meanwhile, our government health care (medi-care/caid) is over 40 TRILLION dollars in debt!!