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Commentary: Local control matters

ermont schools struggle to recruit quality teachers, to maintain their facilities, and to keep students in their classrooms. They struggle to provide quality education to our children who need skills for todays’ workforce. They struggle to sell tax increases — which they don’t control — to property owners. And, now they struggle to navigate a confusing and oversold education reform package known as Act 46. Lawmakers who voted for Act 46 now call for “fixes” and “tweaks” to smooth over the most objectionable parts. But, there is no fixing it — Act 46 must be repealed. Continue Reading →

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Editorial: Testing the process

ast night’s Republican presidential debate is alive and well on social media this morning. The highlights (and inevitable lowlights) are being mocked and parsed ad nauseam. Without question, in the gnat-like attention span of much of our electorate, American politics has been reduced to a crude form of entertainment. Even the analysis, as thoughtful as it tries to be, often has to be mashed through the comedic grinder of the likes of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and Jimmy Fallon to get the most attention and understanding. That’s a trend that should be a great cause for concern. Continue Reading →

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Trailing Bernie: Talking Sanders, socialism

It’s no secret by now that Bernie Sanders considers himself a democratic socialist. It’s also no real secret that he’s hoping to spark a national, political movement to change the direction of the country. There are (so far) 16 Republicans and four other Democrats hoping to spearhead a similar movement — all candidates for president of the United States of America. Those two separate things are related because of our electoral system. Candidates, more often than not, are ascribed a political party, and certainly a political persuasion. Continue Reading →

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Trailing Bernie: Sanders unbowed after hitting rough patch out west

The early weeks and months on the campaign trail for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders were relatively easy — thousands of adoring fans chanting his name and cramming into tight spaces to hear him speak. They opened their wallets, too, to fund his White House bid. But the trail is long and winding, and Sanders has seen how even a division among progressives, who have flocked to him in droves, can cause headaches for a campaign on the rise. Rough reception
Sanders appeared at the Netroots Nation in Phoenix this past weekend. What was supposed to be a pep rally of sorts for Sanders in front of a hyper-progressive crowd turned sour. Continue Reading →

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