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Candidates increase mass media expenditures

MONTPELIER — Candidates for the state’s top two offices are ramping up spending on mass media as they look to reach voters and spread their message as the Aug. 9 primary approaches. State law requires candidates to report any spending of at least $500 on mass media activity within 45 days of an election. For the Aug. 9 primary, mandated reported began on June 25. Continue Reading →

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Dunne launches first TV ad, focuses on corporate campaign contributions

MONTPELIER — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Dunne has launched his first television ad of the campaign, seeking to link his candidacy with that of Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermonter who ran a stronger-than-expected insurgent campaign against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president. “What Bernie Sanders started, we need to finish. This campaign is about making Bernie’s vision a reality right here in Vermont,” Dunne, a former Google executive and Windsor County state senator, says in the ad’s opening. The campaign said the 30-second ad is part of “a robust six-figure” buy that will air statewide. The ad focuses on a major theme of Sanders’ campaign — banning corporate contributions. Continue Reading →

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Sanders makes SNL debut

ermont Sen. Bernie Sanders made his debut on Saturday Night Live this weekend, appearing alongside Larry David, the creator of “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” in one sketch. The actor has made waves portraying Sanders because of their likeness. Sanders’ campaign took advantage of David hosting the show to give Sanders a national platform in a different light than the campaign trail. You can watch Sanders’ appearance below:

David also resurrected his own Sanders imitation to portray the senator in an SNL digital short. You can watch that segment below:

Sanders briefly left the campaign trail in New Hampshire to appear on the show. Continue Reading →

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WATCH: Capitol Beat — Week 1 at the State House

Vermont Press Burea chief Neal Goswami sits down with Senate Majority Leader Philip Baruth, D-Chittenden, to discuss the suspension of Franklin County Republican Sen. Norm McAllister. House Minority Leader Don Turner, R-Milton, also joins the program to discuss Gov. Peter Shumlin’s State of the State address. Continue Reading →

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Lawmakers mull electronic privacy

MONTPELIER — Lawmakers are mulling ways to protect personal privacy in the face of technological advances. The Senate Judiciary Committee is reviewing an omnibus privacy bill that seeks to limit the ways law enforcement can gather and use electronic data on the public. “The goal is clearly to prescript law enforcement access to electronic communications, and what time will they need a warrant, and what time they could call AT&T and say, we want all of Sears’ phone records,” said Sen. Richard Sears, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which took up the bill Wednesday. Sears said the bill is one the three most-important bills expected to come through his committee this session, along with marijuana legalization and increased protections for Department for Children and Families workers. Already, there is agreement among the committee members on some facets of the bill, such as requiring law enforcement to obtain a warrant before using an unmanned aerial device — or drone — to gather information on an individual. Continue Reading →

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Video: Sanders campaign manager downplays data issue

Jeff Weaver, campaign manager for Sen. Bernie Sanders, downplayed the impact of the dispute between the Sanders campaign and the Democratic National Committee that erupted Friday. The DNC temporarily blocked the campaign’s access to its voter data after several Sanders campaign staffers accessed the proprietary data of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The Sanders campaign filed suit in federal court and the DNC granted access to the campaign again around late Friday night. Continue Reading →

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Trailing Bernie: Sanders says Trump’s ‘crap’ won’t cut it

onald Trump and his plan to ban Muslims from traveling to the U.S. are not high on the list of things Sen. Bernie Sanders likes. “That kind of crap won’t work in the United States of America,” Sanders told The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon Tuesday. Sanders, the 74-year-old democratic socialist seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, has not been shy about his disdain for Trump’s style. He has denounced several of Trump’s positions and comments. In recent days, Trump has increased ramped up his anti-Muslim rhetoric in response to Syrian refugees seeking safe haven in the U.S., and the deadly shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., allegedly carried out by a husband and wife team that had become radicalized supporters of ISIS. Continue Reading →

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Watch: Vermont PBS’ Vermont This Week

Vermont Press Bureau chief Neal Goswami joins the panel on Vermont PBS’ Vermont This Week. HEADLINES:
Syrian Resettlement Opens Vermont Divide
Smith Ends Campaign for GovernorSanders Defines Democratic Socialism
Marijuana Legalization Bill Taking Shape
Lawmakers Consider Revising Act 46
Swanton Voters Reject Turbines
Stewart Ledbetter, Moderator
Paul Heintz, Seven Days
Neal Goswami, Vermont Press Bureau
Robin Smith, Caledonian Record Continue Reading →

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Trailing Bernie: A tightening race in New Hampshire

en. Bernie Sanders’ support is slipping in New Hampshire, according to the latest polling average by Sanders, who appeared on a Las Vegas stage last week for the first Democratic presidential debate, has seen a mix of poll results since the nationally televised debate. Of the five New Hampshire polls released since the Oct. 13 debate, three show Hillary Clinton edging out Sanders. Continue Reading →

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