Chelsea hearts Vermont

Chelsea Clinton will be coming to Vermont Friday to campaign for her mom, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton. The visit is four days before the state’s presidential primary, which could be key for either of the two top Dems to secure the nomination.

A time and a place for the visit should be announced by the Clinton camp soon.

-Dan Barlow

One Response to Chelsea hearts Vermont

  1. Good luck voting there in Vermont! I am a Clinton supporter, and have seen on the “news”, if thats what you want to call it, that Clinton is doing bad there. I have been on different city blogs trying to figure things out. Did you know that on MOST of the blogs I have been on, you cannot post anything negative about Obama at all? Not even with a reliable link, like his OWN HOMETOWN PAPER! Thats scary. I have decided, as many others across the country, that I am voting for McCain if Hillary does not get the nomination. There is too much going on in the world now, and to have a candidate that you cannot question, things deleted, etc. leaves me uncomfortable. Well, good luck with your voting!