Dan DeWalt: Revolutionary, Selectman, Woodworker, Musician … Blogger?

Dan DeWalt, the soft-spoken Newfane Selectman and local musician who kicked off the state’s grassroots impeachment movement, has a new title to add to his resume: Blogger for a national political Web site.

The Huffington Post invited DeWalt to begin blogging about Vermont’s controversial movement to remove Bush from office. His first posting – recapping the events of earlier this week – is right here.

In addition to DeWalt’s take on the movement ("The packed crowds who greeted us made it clear that they are sick of waiting and are ready to act," he writes of his statewide pre-town meeting tour with anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan), readers can also enjoy the thoughtful comments from Huff Post readers, like this one from someone named angryoldman: "The case for the IMPEACHMENT of BIZZARO BUSH and DARTH CHENEY is the only true SLAM DUNK to emerge from this administration!"

-Dan Barlow

2 Responses to Dan DeWalt: Revolutionary, Selectman, Woodworker, Musician … Blogger?

  1. The Huffington Post — ooh la la. That’s the creme de la creme of liberal blogs. Looks like Mr. DeWalt has arrived. As far as impeaching Bush is concerned, I applaud DeWalt’s efforts (and those of all the other impeachment activits) because they’re fighting a real uphill battle. Then again, Chuck Hagel, Republican from Nebraska, said the other day that he could see a time when people might call for this president’s impeachment — but I forget what he was mad about.

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