Did Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie meet with Bill O’Reilly this week?

That’s what the FOX News personality says on the network’s Web site today. Check it here.

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." President Bush has visited more than 60 countries and 49 states during his tenure in office. The one state he has not been to, Vermont.

Now, I’ve been tough on the state for failing to pass Jessica’s Law and for its loopy media. But I like Vermont.

In fact, Vermont Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie stopped by today to chat. Dubie is a pro-life Republican who supports Jessica’s Law, proving there is diversity in the land of Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and far-left Senator Patrick Leahy.

And Dubie brought me some great maple syrup, which is never ridiculous.

I have a message waiting at Dubie’s office. I can’t wait to hear the story about how this happened.

-Dan Barlow