Don’t try this at home

Should it be called Blouse-gate?

Robin Orr, the director of internal services at the Department of Buildings and General Services, buys all the clothes and other materials for the Vermont government.

She told members of the Senate Government Operations Committee Wednesday that there was a reason "kerfuffle" between her office and the Vermont State Police over the new fashion of the shirts they wear as part of their uniforms.

Only Orr didn’t call them shirts. She called them blouses. Blouses?

"That’s what they are called," she said.

After telling a senator exactly how "kerfuffle" is spelled (and telling another senator exactly what the words means), Orr had some advice on how to get on the good side of a State Police trooper during a traffic stop.

"The next time you are pulled over, tell them you like their blouse," she joked.

-Dan Barlow