Dunne makes it official: He is NOT running

As each day passes, it looks more and more like Peter Galbraith will be the Vermont Democratic Party’s pick for governor this year.

Today, Matt Dunne announced that he will not seek out that office this year. Chittenden County Sen. Doug Racine has said he won’t run either with Progressive Anthony Pollina in the race. I haven’t checked in on Windsor County Sen. John Campbell recently on his plans, but there have been few whisphers about his candidacy in recent weeks.

Anyway, here’s the letter that Dunne sent to supporters.

Dear Friends,

Over the last six months, I’ve been honored to receive your thoughts and encouragement as I contemplated the possibility of running for office in 2008.  My run for Lt. Governor was one of the most inspiring experiences of my life. I met thousands of incredible people across the state of Vermont who shared a new vision for our state. Through our service approach to campaigning, together we found a new way of doing politics that spoke directly to the overwhelming cynicism of our time. Despite the loss, I came away from the election with a stronger belief in the potential of politics than when I started the campaign.

However, for reasons that will become clear in the near future, I have decided not to run for office in 2008.

In this year away from the golden dome, I have enjoyed reentering the private sector as a consultant, spending time with my family and helping others who are passionate about the need for change in our state and country.

My most fulfilling work has been helping to build the Service Politics Institute, a non-partisan organization committed to building a bridge between people committed to change through service and those who pursue change through politics. Over the years ahead, I will devote my volunteer time to building this organization in the hopes of bringing this powerful approach to people of all political persuasions and to all parts of the country. 

I firmly believe that giving a voice to the millions who serve in our community nonprofits, particularly younger people who serve much more than they vote, can help change public priorities and create innovative new approaches to solving the challenges facing our society.

I encourage anyone who is interested in this new approach to check out www.servicepolitics.org, make a contribution, and join our efforts.

Despite my decision to not run for office this year, I am excited about possibility of another Vermonter entering the race for Governor.  Like me, Peter Galbraith found his political inspiration as a young person growing up in our state.  His distinguished career allowed him to take the spirit of our communities to the international front, taking on, with extraordinary success, some of the most difficult international challenges of our time. 

Now Peter wants to bring his leadership and experience home to help restore civility and progress in the state that he loves. I am delighted he is considering this race and look forward to helping him in any way I can.

Those of you who have known me for a long time know that I am not leaving politics forever.  I am excited about new adventures on the horizon this year and beyond. But public service, particularly on behalf of Vermonters, is the greatest honor one can ever experience. The path of life is never certain, but I am confident my work for our state has only just begun.

Thank you for your support and inspiration. 



-Dan Barlow

2 Responses to Dunne makes it official: He is NOT running

  1. Brattlerouser

    If Galbraith is really going to run he better figure out what his priorities are.
    He’s got a new book due out this summer and I wouldn’t be surprised if the publisher wants him to tout it around the country.
    I also think his family is in Norway too, so it makes me wonder how serious he is about running. Time’s a wasting Peter!

  2. Yes, time’s a wastin’, but isn’t that the goal afterall? He pushes his books, the “Leadership” fund takes in some dough, two years pass and maybe the voters won’t realize the Democratic Party’s deep bench doesn’t have the nerve to take on this pitiful governor. So, what if Douglas didn’t retire in 2010. Should Vermonters just be patient until an opposition party decides to oppose? Kind of resembles the national party, ya think? We’re so lucky.