Dunne takes aim at Dubie

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Dunne took aim at Republican Brian Dubie Thursday, criticizing the Lieutenant governor for his statements about the alleged poor business environment of Vermont.

Dubie has run advertisements pointing out a poor business-friendly ranking that Vermont got. Some of the Democrats were critical of Dubie's approach here, saying it essentially paints a bad picture of the state to outsiders.

In a press release today Dunne makes the case that the debate over the ranking is a distraction from the real discussion over the future of Vermont's economy.

Here's what he had to say:

“Our approaches could not be more different. Brian’s vague proposals have focused only on reducing taxes and eliminating red tape. However, during his tenure, Vermont has fallen to the bottom of the list in terms of states who use the Internet to engage its citizens and nearly last in transparency. During my experiences leading businesses in Vermont, I have found that Regional Development Corporations and Planning Commissions are currently head and shoulders above the current state government in terms of responsiveness. Yet the Lt. Governor’s position in supporting Challenges for Change was to cut funding dramatically to these advocates for jobs.”

– Dan Barlow

One Response to Dunne takes aim at Dubie

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    In 2008 I passed out 250 business cards in Springfield and specifically gave some to two different people involved w/ fundraising for Springfield Hospital,
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    I would like to thank Brian Dubie for his honesty,
    apparently Matt Dunne is like a salesman, and salesmen are selling
    snake oil all the time.
    Remember Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, the canadian who told us marijuana was legal in Canada?
    they extradited him to the U.S.A. and now he’s in federal prison.
    whooops, his attitude was that if he
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    A Positive Attitude Sales Pitch that did not work for him.
    So, Matt Dunne, tell the truth if you have a good plan.
    And, Matt Dunne, if you don’t believe there is an economic problem in Vermont, you haven’t visited Springfield and counted how many businesses are out of business with empty store fronts in downtown Springfield.
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