First 2008 Vermont race polling out

WCAX has the first political polling for the 2008 gubernatorial race and things still look pretty good for three-term incumbent Jim Douglas.

Research 2000, a Maryland polling company that does much of the political phone-pushing for the TV news channel, polled 400 Vermonters and found that 42 percent would reelect Douglas to a fourth term if the 2008 general election were held now.

About 33 percent of Vermonters would vote against Douglas and another 25 percent are undecided. Of course, the election is still 13 months away.

Vermont Democrats still haven’t named a candidate against Douglas, but WCAX matched some of the rumored names against the governor in the poll. Surprisingly, Democrats now holding political office polled low – Attorney General William Sorrell had 5 percent, Secretary of State Deb Markowitz had 7 percent and Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin had 8 percent.

Meanwhile, former state senator Matt Dunne came in the strongest at 22 percent, followed by Progressive Anthony Pollina with 12 percent.

-Dan Barlow

One Response to First 2008 Vermont race polling out

    BECAUSE THE GOVERNOR CAN GRANT PARDONS. I want YOU to DEMAND Equal Treatment Under the Law to NOT be prosecuted and punished for using or growing marijuana because it is equally as dangerous or LESS dangerous than alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, hunting rifles, and food products containing more than 10% sugar or corn syrup which contribute to diabetes, obesity and heart disease.
    I agree that for the most part, Jim Douglas is doing a great job, BUT I give him F- on about five issues where YOUR constitutional rights are being violated by laws he signed and where your safety is being violated. Let’s look at dumb and dumber actions by the parks & recreation people who Jim Douglas has total executive authority over – for example, we NOW have fishing on the beach at VT state parks. ON THE BEACH, which means that even if the fishermen are standing on the beach to the left of the swimming boueys, their fishing lines easily can be cast right into the swimming area, AND their hooks can easily reach swimmers. How many people would get sick if ONE swimmer had a contagious blood disease and was injured by a fish hook and bled blood into the swimming water? It is mind-bogglingly stupid to allow fishermen to stand on the shores of areas clearly marked “beach” in state parks and allow them to cast out fishing lines which easily enter the swimming area which is only separated by boueys which do nothing to stop the fishing lines from going into the water the swimmers are swimming in.
    More DUMB things going on that Jim Douglas is allowing??? YES! The new hunting Law in VT allows hunters to hunt within 100 feet of your personal residential home without warning or informing you or your little children. AND YOU have to pay $5. and register with the town and state to be allowed to express your freedom of speech and put up a No Hunting sign. That is a violation of your property rights and extortion of $5. and by the way, where does your home owners’ insurance say they cover hunting injuries in your front yard or stray bullets? Well, I could go on and on, and I will! Remember, news papers can pretend I don’t exist, but in 2004 and 2006 I received more votes than any minor party candidate for TWO offices, Governor and U.S. Senate. You will be able to vote for me twice in 2008, for Governor and for U.S. Congress. And even though I will be excluded from the majority of debates and forums, as usual, and some go even so far as to LIE and say they invited me and I didn’t respond (BULLSHT), just remember, no matter how often I’m excluded, I’m still here, and I’ll still be on the ballot.