First 2008 Vermont race polling out

WCAX has the first political polling for the 2008 gubernatorial race and things still look pretty good for three-term incumbent Jim Douglas.

Research 2000, a Maryland polling company that does much of the political phone-pushing for the TV news channel, polled 400 Vermonters and found that 42 percent would reelect Douglas to a fourth term if the 2008 general election were held now.

About 33 percent of Vermonters would vote against Douglas and another 25 percent are undecided. Of course, the election is still 13 months away.

Vermont Democrats still haven’t named a candidate against Douglas, but WCAX matched some of the rumored names against the governor in the poll. Surprisingly, Democrats now holding political office polled low – Attorney General William Sorrell had 5 percent, Secretary of State Deb Markowitz had 7 percent and Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin had 8 percent.

Meanwhile, former state senator Matt Dunne came in the strongest at 22 percent, followed by Progressive Anthony Pollina with 12 percent.

-Dan Barlow