Former GOP Senate candidate looks to get Obama stripped from Vermont ballot

Readers of the liberal political blog Green Mountain Daily were treated this weekend to an epic thread spawned by a Friday post ( from GMD front-pager “kestrel9000,” who broke news of a “birther lawsuit” filed by former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate H. Brooke Paige.

Having lost his primary bid to John MacGovern, Paige won’t get to take on Bernie Sanders in the general election. But he’s apparently turned his sights even higher, and is now trying to get Barack Obama removed from theVermont ballot. Paige alleges in his lawsuit that the incumbent president isn’t a “natural born citizen.”

kestrel9000 – a.k.a. Ed Garcia – says he learned of the lawsuit from a source in the Secretary of State’s office. His diary has elicited quite a response from GMD regulars, as well as from Paige himself.

We haven’t seen a copy of the complaint. A superior court clerk in Washington County, where the suit was filed, said it isn’t public yet because the defendants haven’t all been served.

That might take awhile, considering one of those defendants is Barack Obama. Paige has also named Jim Condos and elections chief Kathy Scheele in the suit.

We called Paige to request a copy of the complaint, or at least get the Cliff’s Notes version by phone, but he said he’s not really a telephone guy, and would prefer to discuss it in person. It’d take at least an hour or an hour and half to explain the ins and outs, he said.

Garcia said Monday he thinks Paige is an “attention hound” who, after losing the primary, is “hoping for a little bit of ink.”

“Perhaps we erred in giving it to him,” Garcia said.

Amid exasperated comments from GMD readers, Paige attempts to make his case in a comments section that now has 49 entries.

“My legal proceeding seeks to do the only thing that I can do as an individual citizen ofVermontand theUnited States of America, that is to attempt to prevent the State ofVermontfrom placing the name of an unqualified individual on the Vermont State Election Ballot. Nothing More – Nothing Less!” he writes.

Paige goes on to enumerate what is, in his view, the critical difference between a “natural born citizen” and a “citizen of the United States,” citing 18th century writings that allegedly influenced the Founding Fathers.

Anyway, it’s a wild read, if you’re in to this kind of thing. Paige, incidentally, said he enlisted someone to go down to Washington, D.C., and serve Obama with the lawsuit, but that his operative was “threatened by Secret Service.”

Garcia said that insofar as Paige represented the Vermont GOP on the party’s primary ballot, it’s up to Republican leaders now to disavow his lawsuit.

4 Responses to Former GOP Senate candidate looks to get Obama stripped from Vermont ballot

  1. Peter (Hirschfeld) call me at home to request a meeting for Tuesday morning at 9:30 am to discuss the particulars of this action (after he was unable to make an afternoon appointment for Monday which I had suggested). Later in the day,  he sent me an e-mail asking to put the meeting off  until “later” , as he had a family emergency which prohibited him from making the Tuesday meeting AND that he had obtained a copy of the Complaint and the Affidavit and wished to review them before the meeting. The case documents were apparently “leaked” to the press (and friendly bloggers) by an unnamed functionary in the Attorney General’s Office, which, I understand, is a violation of Superior Court procedural rules.. Mr Sorrell may want to reflect back on our July 4th conversation before deciding to talk about the action currently before the Superior Court where both his office and the Secretary of States office only have a “ministerial” function. In this instance the Presiding Judge is the one who has  the exclusive responsibility and authority to decide the issue. 

  2. What a frivolous lawsuit if ever there was one!