Gay marriage opponents will turn out for the Vermont commission’s first meeting tomorrow

Looks like there will be some protesters tomorrow.

Several traditional marriage organizations announced Wednesday that they will hold a press conference Thursday morning to outline their opposition to extending marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples. Members of the groups Center for American Cultural Renewal, Vermont Renewal and Take It to the People will be present.

The fun starts at 9:30 a.m. just outside of Room 11 at the Statehouse, where the commission is set to hold its first meeting 30 minutes later. Here’s what the groups said in a joint statement today:

We respectfully submit genderless marriage advocates must soundly demonstrate that gay marriage offers the same proven benefits to society as traditional marriage, without doing harm to the existing institution of marriage, children, or society at large.  To date, this essential requirement has not been – and we believe cannot be – satisfied.

-Dan Barlow

One Response to Gay marriage opponents will turn out for the Vermont commission’s first meeting tomorrow

  1. green mountain 05401

    I agree with former Republican Rep. Tom Little of Shelburne. We should not discriminate against couples or families without a compelling reason grounded in law or morality or ethics. Just because some people are uncomfortable with equality, or complain loudly, or are unjustly biased against a group of people is not enough.
    Equality is the default position in America. Those who seek to discriminate must explain why their discrimination is justified. I haven’t heard anyone offer a justification for discrimination. I’ve heard complaints about specific legislators, about the make up of the commission, about the other issues that are said to be more important etc., but no justification for discrimination.
    I care about this issue, and I’ve listened carefully for a long time. I’ve yet to hear a good justification for discrimination.