Giving up the Internet


James Sturm, the founder of White River Junction's Center for Cartoon Studies, took to Slate this week to explain why he is giving up the Internet.

Sturm explains his problem:

But essential online communication has given way to hours of compulsive e-mail checking and Web surfing. The Internet has made me a slave to my vanity: I monitor the Amazon ranking of my books on an hourly basis, and I'm constantly searching for comments and discussions about my work. I follow the Knicks on a daily basis (perhaps my most shameful admission).

His concerns should resonate with many people. How many hours each day do we waste checking e-mails, Facebook, watching lame YouTube videos or catching up on gossip or political Web sites? What else could we do with our time? Should we be creating more instead of consuming all the time?

– Dan Barlow

2 Responses to Giving up the Internet

  1. I didn’t read about this in the paper?

  2. As far as the computer goes, who should we monitor more, the kids or the parents?
    Go ahead,Tucker,watch another Spongebob while I finish my Facebooking.Verb intended.
    James Sturm gave great interview on April Fools Vermont Edition. Very honest regarding jux of work and family.
    Gotta run. Have to check my comments!