Gov. Primary election results…

We're still trying to track down the last remaining votes in the Democratic governor's primary. When we turned out the lights at 2 a.m., we had 229 out of 260 precincts counted, and Doug Racine carrying a narrow lead. Those totals came from the Associated Press and our own checking.

This morning we called around to the remaining town clerks' offices, and now we've totaled 72,870 votes, with just 410 separating the top three candidates. We still have 3 towns' totals outstanding: Cabot, Lemington and Guildhall.

Cabot, apparently, is taking a long time because of a large number of write-in candidates. The Lemington and Guildhall town clerk's offices are not open today as of right now. With all that being said, here's how we count it right now (11:23 a.m. on Wednesday):

Shumlin – 18,201 (25%)

Racine – 18,014 (24.7%)

Markowitz – 17,791 (24.4%)

Dunne – 15,081 (20.7%)

Bartlett – 3,783 (5.2%)

– Rob Mitchell

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