Hudson tributes continue

Tuesday was the first full day this week that the Legislature has been back in session – and its first without Rep. Cola Hudson, who died Sunday.

Presiding over the combined Vermont House and Senate shortly before the governor’s budget address, Senate President Peter Shumlin remembered his first day as a state representative. Behind him sat Hudson, who requested to the freshman rep that he "vote right with us," Shumlin said.

When Gov. James Douglas took the podium, he also shared some memories of Hudson. And then, during his 30-minute budget address, announced that $1 million in scholarship money for the state colleges will now be known as the Cola H. Hudson Memorial Scholarship.

"We know you will always watch over Vermont and those who serve it," Douglas said.

-Dan Barlow

One Response to Hudson tributes continue

  1. Olivia Ariel Switser

    Cola H Hudson was my great grandmothers first cousin we were very close he was lik a father to me i loved him and will miss him for ever