Wishes for Freyne

I may have missed this in the print edition over the holidays, but Seven Days has a great piece checking up on Peter Freyne, the much-missed political columnist at the weekly newspaper.

Peter stepped down from his job earlier this year after succesfully beating cancer. That tends to change a person's life – and Peter clearly was looking to open up a new chapter.

But it sounds like Peter's health problems are not over.

Here's one telling moment from the story:

We tried to imagine Freyne on an exotic trip, or having a wild love affair. But in fact he’d already been transported to Fletcher Allen — with a massive strep infection that had spread to his brain.

Peter is now recovering at a nursing center. We wish him the best of luck. I always loved seeing him at the Statehouse and he always made those press conferences much, much, much more interesting.

-Dan Barlow