In 30-second spot, Brock asks of Shumlin, “Who’s He Fooling?”

The ad opens with a grainy clip of Peter Shumlin standing at a podium, singing “Here Comes the Sun” to a crowd of cheering supporters.

He’s no George Harrison, but Shumlin is game.

“Here comes the sun, little darlin’… Here comes the sun, I say, it’s alright.”

But the ominous music in the background, combined with bold-faced lettering reading “45th in business friendliness,” and “4th worst state in which to retire” suggest it’s anything but.

So begins the latest television ad campaign from Randy Brock, who is staking a late-race surge in part on his first ad buy since May. His campaign, which had less than $250,000 on hand as of Monday, will drop about $70,000 on the 10-day run.

The first half of the ad constitutes the most aggressive move yet in what has to date been a relatively staid campaign.

“It’s alright?” asks a caption below what some will find to be an unflattering shot of Shumlin. “Who’s he fooling?”

The second half of the ad brightens as Republican candidate Randy Brock enters the picture.

“Kids graduate and they leave Vermont, and they leave Vermont because they perceive that the opportunities they want are not necessarily here,” Brock says.

The ads will begin running on network television tomorrow. Shumlin campaign manager Alex MacLean declined to say earlier this week when the Democratic incumbent might hit the airwaves.

Shumlin has spent the first few weeks of his campaign touting the 7,500 jobs that have been created since he was sworn into office, and the fact that Vermont has the fifth-lowest unemployment rate in the nation.



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