In Brattleboro, Toleno gets better of O’Connor

In a Democratic primary between two well-known residents of northernBrattleboro, Tristan Toleno narrowly bested Kate O’Connor for a spot on the general election ballot for state representative.

Toleno, local-foods entrepreneur who runs a catering business, won 352 votes to O’Connor’s 323 to win theWindham2-3 district.

O’Connor, a former top aide to Gov. Howard Dean, said she wondered harsh criticism directed at her by a local radio host played a role in the loss. She was pilloried by the deejay for her role in the U.S. Senate campaign of Republican Rich Tarrant.

“I stayed positive, so I don’t know what role that played in this whole thing,” O’Connor said.

Toleno said his commitment to local food systems, business experience and work in area schools resonated with voters.

“It was really a question about whether they wanted to send a citizen legislator who was active in the community, or if they wanted to have Kate, with her executive branch experience, but maybe had spent a little less time in Brattleboro over the last few years.”

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  1. BrattleBurger

    This may help clear up some speculation within this article:

  2. BrattleBurger

    “I stayed positive” conflicts with the part about contacting the radio host’s employer. Seemed like a pretty legit question to be asking. Her reaction was very telling.