In documents from consulting firm, media strategies revealed

A story in Sunday’s editions of The Times Argus and Rutland Herald detailed the components of a $1.8 million contract in which the state of Vermont enlisted the services of a Washington, D.C., consulting firm for public outreach related to the new health insurance exchange.

GMMB, best known for its work on the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, is handling everything from media relations to the production of television advertisements. And the products they’ve delivered offer a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the battle for hearts and minds by the Shumlin administration.

Below, you’ll find source documents used for the story, including some previously unreported material on the “launch event,” in which the state was going to pay GMMB more than $125,000 to organize a single press conference on the day that Vermont Health Connect launched.

The administration, according to Commissioner of Vermont Health Access Mark Larson, ultimately decided to scrap the event, and will only pay GMMB for launch-event materials produced prior to the decision to forgo the press conference.

To read the contract itself, go to:

Vermont Health Connect Communicators Guide 09 27

VT Earned Media Landscape 3 15 13

VT Earned Media Plan 04 05 13-1

Vermont Health Connect Launch Event 09 11 13

2 Responses to In documents from consulting firm, media strategies revealed

  1. Almost two (2) Million dollars for Public Relations on Health Care related outreach program. What a shame and a waste of money to do something like this. And a Washington D.C. firm who worked for Obama. Smells terribly.

  2. Googling the search terms “GMMB vermont” (without quote marks), I came across this item from 2007:
    via the now defunct Vermont Guardian
    As a point of reference and for comparison sake, it would be rather interesting to also be able to read as well as examine the contract the state made with GMMB as well as related documents from back then as well.