In speech in House chamber, McKibben to address Legislature on climate change

The famed climate change expert has been invited by Shap Smith to address the full Legisalture. According to the release:

Speaker of the House Shap Smith invites Environmental Activist Bill McKibben to speak to Legislature about Climate Change

Speaker of the House Shap Smith has invited renowned author, environmentalist, and activist Bill McKibben to the State House on January 30th to address climate change as it relates to Vermont and upcoming legislation.

Bill McKibben is known nationally to be an advocate for action in response to the changing environment.  He has written a dozen books about the environment and is a founder of the grassroots climate campaign  The Boston Globe said in 2010 that he was “probably the country’s most important environmentalist.” He currently serves as a Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College.

Speaker Smith has prioritized climate change as one of the most important challenges facing the state.  “The threat of global climate change and the implication that it is having and will have on Vermonters and Vermont businesses must be addressed,” said Speaker Smith, “Bill McKibben offers expertise and a robust understanding of the challenges we face as well as the steps that can move us forward in reducing and eliminating carbon-dependent energy use.  I am pleased to welcome him to the State House to address the issue with the legislature.”

Bill McKibben will speak to the legislature in the House Chamber at 1:00pm on Wednesday the 30th. 

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