In the interests of compromise?

Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin said today he would be willing to remove the tax on Vermont Yankee from the energy bill in an attempt to convince Gov. James Douglas to allow it to become law.

"We desperately want to pass this bill. This should put to rest the governor’s concerns," Shumlin said.

Shumlin had said that removing the funding source for the proposed efficiency program in the bill would greatly weaken the legislation. But today the Windham County Democrat said he isn’t giving up on taxing Yankee’s parent company – just waiting until January.

– L.P.

One Response to In the interests of compromise?

  1. austin green

    When is the House going to stand up and say no when Shumlin leads them to the slaughter? Haven’t they learned yet that listening to his ideas only puts them in a very baaa-aaad place?