Komline vacates leadership post

Citing differences of opinion with House Minority Leader Don Turner, Rep. Patti Komline, a key figure in the Republican caucus since arriving under the Golden Dome in 2005, has left her role as assistant minority leader.

Komline, a Dorset Republican, served as leader of the minority caucus during Gov. James Douglas’ last term in office. Turner assumed the top spot last year, and Komline agreed to stay on as assistant.

Komline confirmed Friday that she’s leaving the leadership post, in part due to differences with the caucus leader.

“Don and I had difference visions for the direction to take the caucus in,” Komline said.

Komline said politics isn’t the only reason for the departure (she’ll continue to serve as a representative). She’s taken a new position overseeing a disaster-relief initiative administered by the Stratton Foundation.

Komline, whose district is situated nearby some of the worst-hit parts of the state, says the Irene-relief effort has suppressed her appetite for partisan politics.

“Partisan politics is important, and we need people doing that, but it’s just not where my focus is right now,” Komline says. “My focus now is on figuring out how to help families who have been devastated by this tragedy.”

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