Meanwhile, at the other end of the pool …

Marijuana Party candidate Cris Ericson accuses Secretary of State Deb Markowitz of hiring Jewish hitmen to kill her.

Ericson writes:

Where's the Ballot of all the candidates on the same ballot???!!!!!

Is Johenry Nunes for U.S. Senate a U.S. Citizen, he still lists his birthplace as Azores/Portugal on Vote Smart. Is he Mossad, an assassin for the Jewish State of Israel?

How Ethical is it for Deborah Markowitz, Secretary of State, to allegedly have a complaint about me, Cris Ericson, on the official Jewish State of Israel CFCA Forum which is obvious retaliation, and suggests that she is inspiring a hit man to kill me? They are allegeldy selling posters of this on the internet.

Ericson, a perennial candidate for higher office in Vermont, was accused of anti-semitism in 2008.

- Dan Barlow