O’Brien offers “unwavering” support for VY

David O'Brien, the commissioner of the Vermont Department of Public Service, told a group of Rutland Republicans why he still supports Vermont Yankee during a fundraiser Saturday.

"Vermont Yankee, as a unit, which you won't read about anymore, is one of the best-performing nuclear units in the country," he said, adding that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has told him it has no problem with the plant.

He also calls out Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin – a 2010 gubernatorial candidate for the Democrats – for allegedly taking advantage of a "poisonous atmosphere."

– Dan Barlow


One Response to O’Brien offers “unwavering” support for VY

  1. so the fix is in then, why not uprate it to 150% of its designed capacity, maybe then we can the meltdown the DPS wants so badly. When cooling towers fall in and non existent underground pipes leak radioactive toxins into our earth, why not crank it up some more?