Pollina now running as an independent

Taking a page from Sen. Bernie Sanders’ book, Progressive Anthony Pollina announced Monday in Montpelier that he would now be running as an independent for governor.

From his campaign’s official statement:

Let me clearly state that this decision in no way compromises my priorities, principles or positions on the issues. This campaign will continue our commitment to building a coalition of Vermonters that can deliver good jobs, lower health care costs and ensure a safe energy future, support for public schools and a clean environment. I believe in this commitment because it is being made by a growing number of independent-minded Vermonters ready to work together to build a better Vermont. Vermonters who look around and see that when we work together we can do better…much better.

This is a really fascinating move that actually could open up his campaign to some people who would not consider voting for a progressive, but are familiar with the idea of voting independent (I mean, how long has Bernie Sanders appeared on Vermont’s statewide ballot over the years?).

-Dan Barlow

One Response to Pollina now running as an independent

  1. Fascinating? Um, how about “desperate,” “hypocritical” or “slimy?” But certainly not fascinating. Unless, of course, you’re a member of Vermont’s mainstream media and you don’t think any deeper than a candidate’s press release.