Pollina to make campaign announcement

Progressive candidate for governor Anthony Pollina has issued a press release this morning announcing a press conference Thursday in Burlington.

What’s it about? Quoting from the release, "the status of his 2008 campaign."

Here’s what it says:

Since May 4th Anthony has visited 29 Vermont communities assessing support for his campaign and engaging citizens in a discussion about their priorities.
During that time a Democratic candidate has also entered the race for Governor, raising for some, questions about the dynamics of the campaing and Pollina’s next steps. Anthony will respond to these questions Thursday.
-Dan Barlow

One Response to Pollina to make campaign announcement

  1. Now that you’ve been fooled by the Pollina campaign, can you begin to cover his race like the joke that it is?
    But, please, be careful getting that hook out of your mouth…