Pro-marijuana supporters vandalize Sen. Doyle’s wiki

Supporters of long-shot gubernatorial candidate Cris Ericson, who runs on a legalize marijuana platform, have vented their political frustrations on Sen. William Doyle’s wikipedia entry.

Doyle’s wiki entry now claims that he tried to influence the 2008 Vermont presidential primary by distributing copies of his town meeting poll.

Here’s what the Ericson supporter had to say:

On March 4, 2008, Senator Bill Doyle placed a stack of material on a table a few feet from the voting box in the polling place in Chester, Vermont 05143. The material was a questionaire, question #14 was: Consider expressing your preference for the 2008 Presidential election: ___Hillary Clinton ___Mike Huckabee ___Barak Obama ___John McCain and there was no space for a write in vote and all of the other candidates were not listed. Is this material that should not be in the polling place? Why were the other candidates, like Ron Paul, left out? Was Senator Bill Doyle trying to fraudulently affect the outcome of the General Election in November by putting the IDEA into the heads of voters that ONLY these candidates had a chance to win? digital photo of material in the polling place at

-Dan Barlow

One Response to Pro-marijuana supporters vandalize Sen. Doyle’s wiki

  1. Wasn’t there some local judge in or near White River Junction who got caught with marijuana? Vermont is such a progressive state, you’d think it would lead on this issue as well.