Race and the 2010 gubernatorial campaign

The Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity (formerly known as the ALANA Community Organization) sent questions about race, diversity and hate crimes to all the candidates running for governor in Vermont this year.

Since the topic is race – these are questions that one might not usually hear asked of Vermont's candidates for higher office.

What I found more interesting, however, were the campaigns that did NOT respond to the questions.

Those were: Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie, Democrats Sen. Peter Shumlin and Sen. Susan Bartlett and independent candidate Cris Ericson.

You can read the answers from the candidates who did respond in the PDF below.

Download Eforumresponses

– Dan Barlow

One Response to Race and the 2010 gubernatorial campaign

  1. You are in error, I gave a lengthy response to Question #6, and if they did not provide it, shame on them!
    My long response to question #6 explained that I alone, as a candidate for Governor, am most concerned about the Supreme Court of the United States Opinion in
    Doe v. Reed, Docket # 09-559 http://www.supremecourtus.gov
    which came out today, prior to my response.
    This court opinion allows the Secretary of State to distribute copies of petitions that voters have signed.
    Every single page of my petitions which put me on the ballot 2010 for Governor and for United States Senator for Vermont,
    as allowed under Vermont law for descriptive words for independent candidates.
    I am listed with the independent candidates at http://www.sec.state.vt.us
    click on Elections, click on independent candidate list for the General Election;
    but, after my name it states the descriptive words that will appear on the official election ballot:
    I am concerned for voters’ privacy.
    The other candidates have not raised
    such CONTROVERSIAL issues as I have.
    That’s the difference between us.
    I am a trail blazer, I am will to start a conversation, or continue
    a conversation that they have “tabled”.
    Cris Ericson http://crisericson.com