Randy Brock not sweating it

Asked what he makes of the announcement today from newly minted Republican gubernatorial Roy Newton, Randy Brock said it’s all good.

“It’s always healthy to have competition,” the Franklin County Senator said during a break from his duties in the Finance Committee, where lawmakers this morning are hammering out a closely watched energy bill. “It’ll help shine a light on the race, and from that standpoint I don’t think it’s harmful at all.”

Brock said his Republican challenger, Roy Newton, has been a familiar face over the years.

“I’ve met Roy on occasion here and there over the past 20 or 30 years,” Brock said.

Brock said he was at first a bit confused by the announcement.

“I always thought he was a Democrat,” Brock said.

In fact, in his lone prior political campaign, way back in 1972, Newton did run as a Dem. In a House race. Against a Republican named Jim Douglas.

Newton lost. Douglas went on to have a mildly succesful run in politics.   




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